Elizabeth WheelerPetite, pretty, pugnacious and precocious have all been used to describe Elizabeth J. Wheeler.

Born at Denver’s St. Joseph’s Hospital on March 29, 1947, Elizabeth has been igniting the world ever since.  Her parents called her Reddy Kilowatt, after the famous utility company mascot.  Reddy KilowattElizabeth was one of two women who graduated from the University of Colorado School of Business in 1973 with a graduate degree in marketing.  She headed up marketing/public relations departments for the American Red Cross Denver Chapter, the American Cancer Society Rocky Mountain Region, Geneva Pharmaceuticals, a Novartis Company, and the University of Colorado Hospital. In addition, she had her own company for 15 years, Ask GENIE Communications!  The company’s focus was on educating old house owners abut the care  of their homes and helping those with historically designated houses obtain Historic Preservation Tax Credits. Passionate about old houses, Elizabeth  even started Denver’s Old House Society. The organization offered guided walking tours and an old house fair that hundreds attended each year.  Elizabeth has authored four books: Two with the late Carole Harshman, “The Fabulous Old Houses of North Seventh Street, Grand Junction, Colorado and “A Walking Tour Guidebook to the North Seventh Street Historic Residential District, Grand Junction, Colorado; and two memoirs, “’57 Memories of a 10-year-old Denver Girl,” and “My Recipe Box.”   She has three children and four grandchildren.  Currently, she resides on the Western Slope of Colorado with her Airedale Terrier, Bonnie Buttercup, and her tuxedo cat, Katie Lane Lynch, named after Elizabeth’s great-great grandmother who is buried in Glenwood Spring’s Rosebud Cemetery.