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(Note: While this blog focuses on one-level houses, I have tried to include information helpful to everyone whether you live in a multi-story house or a small apartment.)

One-level houses are touted for being ideal for ladies-of-a-certain-age.  No stairs, you know!

Well, let me tell you they have a few challenges.  I have lived in a lovely one-level brick cottage for almost 18 months now. I never thought I would have to confront these quandaries:  Where did my leg muscles go; where do I put the cat box; where did all this housework come from; and where can I hide my junk.  Let’s look at each of these dilemmas and some solutions.

Number One – Where did my leg muscles go? Well, I have noticed I no longer have a spring in my step.  I think it is because I no longer have any stairs in my house. It is hard for me to push myself up on a little stool to water a plant perched on the china cabinet where it has always rousted or the wooden plank of my elevated vegetable garden.  Furthermore, I am humiliated when I hike that I “need a hand” up a steep rock.  I certainly do not want to turn into a frail old lady.  Here is what I am doing to build up my leg muscles and hip flexors: When I encounter a staircase in a building, I am delighted.  I go up and down it several times and try not to hang on the railing.  Also, my yoga teacher suggested I do squats.  Yep, I hate them; but, then I remember how difficult it is for me to water that plant.

Number two – Where to put the cat box?  My kitty’s cat box has always been in the basement, which is perfect because I did not have to see it every day; and if I forgot to scoop it one day, the house did not need to be fumigated! Now, Katie’s cat box is in my little laundry room that is right off the garage.  I have to go by it every day.  Well – Google and Pinterest have rescued me.  I found how you can put that box in a little cabinet.  I took off the doors and hung a café curtain I had on a spring rod over the entrance.  It is perfect.  I no longer have to look at that box, and I have a place to fold clothes.  Also, I bought a small Aromafier®. It has a small fan that projects the lovely lavender oil fragrance I put in it.

Number three – Where did all this housework come from? In days gone by, I kept the main level of my house and my bedroom clean.  The basement and upstairs got cleaned periodically.  Now, the whole house is on one level and visible!  I found my greatest challenge to keep clean were the 2,000 square feet of floors that are covered in carpet, hardwood and tile.  I am happy to announce that I have bought my first robot and Roomba, the vacuum cleaner, even gets under the bed!

Number four – Where can I hide my junk?  It used to be I could put stuff in my basement or my upstairs office.  Well, no more!  My solution is to ask myself, “Do you really need this?”  It is amazing how many times I say “No!”  Having moved less than 18 months ago, I still have vivid memories of packing and unpacking.

“My house is me and I am it. My house is where I want to be and it looks like all my dreams.”

– Daniel Pinkwater