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This year I am offering as part of this report a succinct summary of the current trends, followed by an in-depth review, a revealing representation of what’s in my closet, and a confession about what I am planning to wear this season. I am doing this because fashion information for ladies-of-a-certain-age is as rare as the 66-million-year-old-plus triceratops dinosaur discovered in Colorado this summer.

Here’s your brief 2017 fall fashion trends brought to you by www.ladiesofacertainage.com:

Victorian or high buttoned blouses – perfect for the “Romantic” fashion type

Fringe on the bottom of tops and just about anywhere -an “earthy” or “bohemian” look for the “Hippy”fashion type

Silver, gold or black shiny tops for evening – great for the “Ultra Chic” fashion type to shine

A floral long-sleeved t-shirt – wonderful paired with yoga pants or jeans for the “Casual” fashion type

A chocolate brown velvet blazer – superb for the “Dramatic” fashion type to make a statement

Plaid or checked vest or top – excellent for the “Traditional” fashion type who may already have one in her closet

The number one color for fall – outpacing all others – is red! Chocolate brown is next on the list at a distant second.

There you have it!

Here’s your impactful, in-depth review of 2017 fall fashion trends:

Points of note this season include a sense of the 1980s – funky fake fur in animal prints or wild colors, patchwork, belted coats, bucket hats, mid-length flouncy skirts, shoulder pads and leisure suits!

(Are you sorry you cleaned out your closet years ago?)

Purses range the array from small with lots of ruffles, fringe and fabric, to classic leather totes. Low-heal or flat leather shoes and boots are in style, including loafers, moccasins, flats and ankle-high boots.

In case you think I am making all of this up, I’ve copied for you links to top fashion magazines: Elle, Cosmopolitan and Harpers Bazaar.




If you are not into red or chocolate brown, other trendy colors in medium shades include: gray, navy spruce and maple. There is even a purpled pink and brown for you to choose from. The expert on color is the Pantone Color Institute, which has yummy names for these colors.

SO –  how does this all relate to a lady-of-a-certain-age?  Here’s a revealing representation of what’s in my closet, and a confession about what I am planning to wear this season:

These six points I find useful to ask myself to determine what I will wear and what I will buy each fashion season: what current fashion trends do I like; what do I have in my closet; what is my financial situation; what are my fashion and color types; what does my body look like; and what is my lifestyle. Specifically, I look at these areas:

  1. I look at what is fashionable and see if I like any of it. (This year I like the plaids and checks, the bucket hats, and the shiny tops.)
  1. I see what I already have in my closet. (I arrange my clothes by color, so color if the first thing that stands out. If you looked, you would see lots of red and purple and black. Blue jeans and black pants are staples.)
  1. I look at what I financially want or have to do the next six months. (Oh dear, a new hot water heater and four new tires for my SUV are in my near future.)
  1. I take into consideration my fashion type and color personality. (I know I am a “Classic” fashion type because I prefer timeless styles, easy lines and fabrics. I am a “Winter” personality because I  had my colors done in the 1980s by a studio who based that assessment on professional color consultant Carole Jackson’s 1981 book “Color Me Beautiful: Discover Your Natural Beauty Through the Colors that Make You Look Great and Fabulous. Bold jewel tones look best on me.)
  1. I take into my body shape. Today, I am a small petite woman with scoliosis. My feet are in good shape thanks to doing lots of yoga, so I no longer need orthotics. Veins are very visible on my legs.
  2. As a retired person, my lifestyle is simple and fun.

So, this season I am planning on wearing these items, which I mostly have right now.

Red tops and shirts with my blue jeans and black pants. Unless I wear leggings, I no longer wear skirts or shorts because of the veins on my legs

A Cunningham plaid (red and black with a small white stripe) wool scarf, my family’s plaid, I will wear with a long white t-shirt

Navy blue loafers, with fringe, black flats and wine-colored (similar in color to Pantone’s Tawny Port color) velvet flats

I’ll check the heels on my short black and brown boots before wearing them.

A checked blazer with a little red line caught my eye at Target, so I am planning on trying it on to see if the cut around the waist will work for my current figure. If so, I plan on buying it and wearing it with jeans or black pants. It is hip length, so it won’t draw attention to the bulge on my right side. Also, the check is small, which is perfect for my petite size.

My black shiny top with three-quarter length sleeves will be wonderful to wear with black pants. (It’s been in my closet since the age of the dinosaurs.)

Sandals are not listed in the fall fashion report; however, I found a very comfy pair in dark gray that I will buy. They are comfortable any season. Since I live in a warm area of the country, I can wear them many days this season. I’ve noticed many older women wear them who have bunions or other foot abnormalities.

I can hardly wait to “dig out” my gray bucket hat.

I am considering buying a rather expensive small oxblood purse. I do have a navy blue leather large bucket bag; but, I fell in love with the look and weight of my small purse this summer.

There you have it.  Now you know all my secrets!

I hope you can join me Wednesday, September 11, and the Beauty and Brains Workshop Wise Woman Forum from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the KAFM Radio Room, 1310 Ute Avenue, in Grand Junction, Colorado. As one of the presenters, I will be speaking on 2017 fall fashions for ladies-of-a-certain-age.


Copyright – Elizabeth J. Wheeler, September 5, 2017